Free Download TEFF Lexicon Font Family Collection

Posted by Geeky Sans
TEFF Lexicon is best typeface that elegantly look. It's also the most expensive font in the world. Like no other typeface, Lexicon unites Swiss as well as Dutch type demands: economy, elegance, quality and cleanliness.

In its origin, the typeface was designed to be used with low-res printers, as laser printers and newspapers. For this reason it could be best used for what its name describes: reference books, the Bible, timetables and other text heavy print products. Lexicon was commissioned, as the name suggests,
for a new Dutch dictionary. It was therefore designed to be as compact as a Bible type but to function in a range of sizes to allow many shades and degrees of emphasis.

At the font store like myfont and any other store, these font was sale in 24×OTF € 3592,00. Very expensive font that you can get freely here, so if like the TEFF Lexicon font family just hit the download link below.



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