tTorrent Pro v1.1.1 APK

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- Unlimited download speed!
- download single files from torrents with multiple files
- multiple torrent downloading, queuing
- search for torrents
- Wifi only mode, Wifi or WiMAX mode
- able to set Upload/Download speed in options
- web browser integration
- magnet link support
- trackerless torrent (DHT) support
- RSS support(automatically download torrents published in feeds)

ZPlayer v3.6.4 APK

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Welcome to ZPlayer a Windows Phone 7 / Zune themed media player. Zplayer has become a favorite of many music enthusiasts, who want more than the average music or video player on their mobile devices. It wears a Windows Phone 7 / Zune theme, and so keeps the minimalistic user interface, but incorporates more features into one application than any Android music player available!

RAM Manager Pro v4.5.0 APK

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This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and improves the performance in all directions. We tested the best RAM balance which makes your system as fast as possible. Lots of running applications with enough free memory will not be a problem for your device. This is the best solution for all who have problem with the free memory, with the multitasking, with slow swapping between applications or with low performance.

Fingerboard HD v1.0 APK

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Touch, grind, and skate in this all new 3D skateboarding game. Fingerboard HD is a skateboard game where you use your fingers to skate, grind, bust tricks, launch off ramps, and control the skateboard. Download now and check out our exclusive in-game Mike Steinkamp promotional skateboard!

Photoshop Touch for phone v1.0.0 APK

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Bring the fun and creative possibilities of Adobe® Photoshop® software to your phone with Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone. Transform your images with core Photoshop features. Combine images, apply professional effects, and share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter all from the convenience of your phone. Enjoy most of the same features as the tablet version.

Awesome Miniature Pro v4.4.1 APK

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Awesome Miniature Pro - Tilt Shift. Brand New Tilt-Shift Maker! Hope you enjoy Awesome Miniature World. Experience attractive blur effect and powerful editing features of Awesome Miniature Pro on your palm!. Transform your moment into a scene of movies! Change your ordinary town to a mysterious miniature world! Meet Awesome Miniature Pro and step inside to the new stage of photography!

Slingshot Racing v1.3.0.2 APK

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Slingshot Racing is an original racing game developed exclusively for touchscreen devices. Behold a beautiful steampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen and more!. Pro Tip: To deploy the hook try picking a corner of the screen and just keep pressing there. You do not need to press on the towers to slingshot.

Ghost in Cam (Pro) v1.0.0 APK

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This is very funny application to scare your friends you can use ghost and scary pictures in live camera of you mobile. A true spirit photography app. There are many scary images available in app those you can use to shock your friends. You can make fool to friends that this is a ghost detector application. Pro version allows you to access all features of application without any limitation. Also pro version is Ad free.

Instashake v1.1 APK

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Instashake is fast and simple to use photo blender with image optimization for Instagram sharing.
- Different mixing patterns
- Adjustable photo balance
- Original blending algorithm

Flash Image GUI v1.5.2 APK

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No more recovery mode or adb required to flash kernels, boot logos and recoveries! Flash custom kernels, logos and recoveries all from one convenient android application. Application displays the current kernel and version loaded on the device. Gives two convenient options when flashing the kernel to also wipe the dalvik cache and the cache partition. and are common places to find custom kernels, logos and recoveries.

SuperSU Pro v1.10 APK

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SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools.

root Mobile ODIN Pro v3.65 APK

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Mobile ODIN is the on-device firmware flasher of choice. Just throw those firmware files on your (internal or external) SD card, start Mobile ODIN and flash away. Your device must be rooted to be able to use Mobile ODIN. Check the list below to see if your device is supported !. If you use the EverRoot option, Mobile ODIN will root the firmware while you flash it. Checking out that new leaked firmware? No reason to lose root!

Future Ops Online Premium v1.0.94 APK

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- Dedicated Voice Servers - LIVE
(Join voice chat servers any time, even without joining a game server. Join other player's Voice Servers from their profiles.)
- 64 Player Limit Per Server - LIVE
- Free Clan creation up to 200 players. - LIVE
(Create, Invite, Kick, Accept, Online / Offline List)
- Rebuilt Interface - LIVE
- Profile Button to Clan Members current game - LIVE
- Added Ping display to Server List and HUD - LIVE
- Promote / Demote clan members - LIVE

Super Photo Full v1.432 APK

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Tons of amazing effects for your photos!. Unique, outstanding effects you'll love. You'll have endless fun and turn your photos into amazing art pieces with just one click!

- Use your gallery, camera & Facebook photos.
- Categories: Filters, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns, and Brushes.
- Favorites bookmark
- 100+ cool unlocked effects

Word Lens Translator v2.0 APK

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Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time!.
Available language pairs:
+ English ⇆ Spanish
+ English ⇆ French
+ English ⇆ Italian
+ English ⇆ German

Moon+ Reader Pro v1.9.1 APK

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Moon+ Reader and Moon+ Reader Pro were removed from Google Play for unfair event in the past week. New designed book reader with powerful controls & full functions, supports epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip or OPDS formats.

Video Converter Android PRO v1.5.5 APK

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video and audio information display. Scan entire devices for video files for conversion. Extract part of a video by specifying the start time and end time. Extract mp3 from video, extract aac from video, convert to mp3 or aac from mp4 and other video formats

Armor for Android™ Security v1.0.30 APK

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Armor for Android™ is the world's best Anti Virus and Privacy App, and the world's most comprehensive suite of Android power user tools. Armor for Android provides access to our huge, world-class HackerTrapp Cloud Antivirus Database, which contains data on over 1.2 million android apps and over 10,000 active android specific threats (viruses, malware, adware, trojans, and other apps exhibiting suspicious or harmful behavior.)

Heat Synthesizer Pro (BETA) v0.8.3 APK

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Virtual analogue subtractive synthesizer for Android with a unique feature set:

- Highly optimized realtime sound generation engine with a lot of features even on mobile devices, 3 Oscillators, 2 Filters, 4 Envelopes, FX section and much more
- Collaborative Preset Manager: Browse through thousands of sounds that other users have created, save your sounds on your local Android device or online, making them available for the community.

Sidebar Pro v2.01 APK

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A brilliant new way of multitasking on Android. Sidebar Pro lifts the limitations put on the lite version and opens access to new customizability as well as functionality - elevating sidebar, to its most impeccable and pure state.  It's fast, functional, fluid, and customizable to your liking. Populate the sidebar with your favorite apps, and simply swipe in from the edge of the screen to gain instant access to the apps you use most. Simple - yet elegant.

Beautiful Widgets v5.1.0 APK

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Beautiful Widgets, the perfect widgets application get a facelift and is back in a brand new version!. Tons of widgets, tons of themes, just for you. Beautiful Widgets is your best friend for customizing your home screen. Make it personal, be unique & express yourself.

PixelPhone PRO v2.7.0 APK

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High application speed, stylish design, convenient and customizable interface. Feel the difference!

- Intelligent search through all contacts fields
- Sorting and display of contact list (Last First, First Last)
- Display of contacts in alphabetical groups
- Quick browsing of contacts using an ABC scroll bar
- Display of contact’s photo, phone number and company name

My Movies Pro v1.92 APK

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Important Notice! This application is for managing a movie collection library. You can not download or watch movies with it. My Movies for Android allows you to catalog your entire movie collection library from our high quality online data service containing data for more than 600,000 DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD titles from various countries. If you have one or more titles that is not in our service, you can report it and it will be created within 48 hours by our staff - a service you will not find elsewhere.

Interval Timer - Seconds Pro v0.9.3 APK

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Everyone's favourite interval timer has come to Android. You too can now enjoy the best interval timer for mobile. Other interval timers don't even come close when it comes to quality, features and ease of use.

WiFi Mouse HD v1.7.1 APK

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Transform your tablet into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad using WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection.

BSPlayer v1.8 APK

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This is full, ad-free version of BSPlayer with additional functionality. BSPlayer is media player for Android smartphones and tablet PC's, supporting hardware accelerated video decoding, automatic subtitle search and buffered LAN playback.

Chundos + turbo v1.0.2 APK

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Somewhere in Mexico the greatest race of all times is about to begin!. Race with the unique characters and help one of them to win! But remember, be very careful in battle mode because your opponents are very cruel, they will do everything to exploit your car and win the race.

KeyChord - Piano ChordsScales v2.7 APK

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Easy keyboard to lookup and play around with all chords and scales. Lots of chordtypes and scaletypes to choose from. Also reverse lookup and staff view. Included is the 5 octave scrollable multitouch minipiano with 128 different sounds from Mini Piano Pro.

Battery Indicator Pro v1.3.6 APK

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Battery Indicator is a lightweight application that displays battery information in Android's status bar and home screen. Is android battery level indicator not enough for you? This app solves this problem.

Key features of our Battery Indicator are:
- Unique, elegant graphics with exclusive character.
- Many configuration options (and still growing) - you can enable or disable and adjust many functionalities.
- Home screen widgets.

Full Screen Caller X Pro v1.6 APK

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Full Screen Caller X is not just a simple full screen caller. It has lots of features which will help you in your daily life. Make your life more fun with this cool app. Now features added v1.6 Faster loading calls, Image rotation, Unknown caller photo, Font of caller name can be increased, major bugs fixed, Solved phone hanging problem when call on hold.

Pool Break Pro v2.2.2 APK

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Pool Break is a suite of games featuring several variations of Pool, Snooker, and the popular Crokinole and Carrom board games. The full 3D graphics are spectacular and the physics are realistic and accurate. Whether you play against the computer or against other Android, iPhone or iPad users online, the action is smooth and fast paced!

Pocketbooth v1.3.1 APK

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Pocketbooth turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth. Meticulously designed to emulate the experience of a 1950s-era Model 11 Photobooth, Pocketbooth is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use. Pocketbooth perfectly replicates the intimacy, spontaneity, and hilarity of a traditional photobooth. Take it to your next party and watch as your friends strike a pose.

n7player Music Player (Full) v2.0.8 APK

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n7player is an innovative 3D mp3 and music player available only on Android. It visualizes your music as a single plane full of album covers. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music. The main application screen is like an interactive tag cloud which can be easily explored to find your mp3 files. Artist names transforms smoothly to album covers, when pinched-to-zoomed. The minimalistic design and smooth interface allows users to quickly pick their favorite music from their library.

Advanced Task Manager Pro v3.0.5 APK

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Kill tasks,free memory,speed up phone,save battery.
ATM 2.0 with totally new UI is comming, and it's really cool!!!

Feature :
- Kill selected tasks
- Android optimizer & booster
- Ignore apps when kill tasks
- Auto kill tasks on every screen off
- Regular kill

Speed Boost Pro v4.1.3 APK

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Speed Boost aims to improve your Android experience by preventing much of the lag associated with Android by freeing up your critical CPU resources which reduces the drain on your systems speed and improves performance. Get a real Speed Boost!

9GAG+ (Premium) v0.7.7 APK

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TOP 100 Applications Entertainment. This is a complete rewrite of the first ever 9gag App in the Android Market, which has already more than 1,300,000 users! This is not a simple frontend for the mobile site, this is the real deal. That's why I'm asking for monies now. It's worth it, trust me. Lab PRO v1.7 APK

Posted by Unknown Lab PRO – full-featured Photo Fun Generator in your pocket!. Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects. Double the fun and become a Lab PRO member today! Going PRO with Lab means even more fantastic photo montages, photo frames and animated photo caricatures!

ROM Manager (Premium) v5.5.2.2 APK

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Turn off ads in settings!. Did flashing break your recovery? Flash an alternate/experimental one and flash back to fix!Manage your ROMs via a handy UI. organize and perform backups and restores from within Android! Install your favorite ROMs over the air!. ROM Manager is The must have app for any Android root user. (Over 10 million downloads and counting!)

Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper v2.6 APK

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Watch them go and interact with your desktop!
Now with Daydream for Android 4.2 support!

F-Sim Space Shuttle v2.2 APK

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With F-Sim Space Shuttle, a number one flight simulator for iOS finally arrives on Android. It simulates the space shuttle’s approach and landing in unprecedented detail and accuracy. Take command of the Orbiter during the final minutes of descent, and touchdown safely at the John F. Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base.

Nova Launcher Prime v2 APK

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Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+. Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in Nova Launcher:

Solid Explorer Full v1.4.2 APK

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Solid Explorer is a file manager with two independent panels which brings to you a new file browsing experience. This is the most attractive, eye catching and intuitive file manager for the Android.

HD 3D Launcher PRO v1.1.1 APK

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HD 3D Launcher is a home screen replacement for Android 4.0+ focused on eye candy and productivity.
Main features :
- Add high definition icon for your contacts
- Add high definition icon for your applications, HD picture are downloaded from Android Market
- Create 3D Folders for your favorite applications
- View your contacts with the 3D Dialer
- View your call history with the 3D call log

Lapse It • Time Lapse • Pro v3.4 build 344 APK

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Lapse It is an award-winning full featured app for capturing amazing time lapse clips with your Android camera, simple, fast and intuitive. Looking to do time-lapse with your mobile device? Lapse It is a very appealing option" by Erez Zukerman, PCWorld

Jelly Defense v1.18 APK

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Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders! Use your tactical skills and wisdom to tip the scales of victory in your favor in order to save the Diploglobe and the Jelly nation from the agressors! That's right, you are their only hope - the one they call the liberator, the true leader, the Jelly savior! You are the hero they deserve! Just look at these poor little creatures. They trust you, they believe in you, they rely on you. Can you refuse those big faithfull eyes (or eye)? You're really their only hope!

PPSSPP Gold v0.5 APK

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PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for Android and other platforms. It is being developed at a rapid speed and compatibility is increasing quickly, but there are many games it doesn't run yet and it doesn't run fast on Android yet.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD) v7.0.1166 APK

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OfficeSuite Pro allows you to view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. You can also open attachments and see PDF files on an Android based phone or tablet with our feature-rich mobile office solution.

Explorer+ File Manager Pro v2.1.7 APK

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Explorer+, a practical no-nonsense File manager.
- Browse files and folders (Browsing root and hidden systems files available on rooted devices under su privileges)
- Standard file and folder operations: cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, make new folder.
- Zip and unzip files
- Decompress gzip and rar files
- Search for files and folders
- Simple and intuitive GUI designed for ICS

Photo Painter v1.1 APK

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This app offers relatively novel functionality which sets it apart from many other applications. - androidtapp
Aspiring painters can use this app to help them visualize their next magnum opus. - androidauthority
Add cool paint effects to your pictures and turn it into an artwork.

KD Collage Pro v2.04 APK

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KD Collage - new application to create wonderful collages from your photos. The application includes about 70 collage patterns and over 80 background options. Added photo can be moved, rotated and zoomed in/out. You can also add a text with different fonts and styles. Completed collages can be saved in HD to SD memory card or in Favorites for further editing.