Flash Image GUI v1.5.2 APK

Posted by Geeky Sans
No more recovery mode or adb required to flash kernels, boot logos and recoveries! Flash custom kernels, logos and recoveries all from one convenient android application. Application displays the current kernel and version loaded on the device. Gives two convenient options when flashing the kernel to also wipe the dalvik cache and the cache partition. XDA-developers.com and SDX-developers.com are common places to find custom kernels, logos and recoveries.

For users of specific devices such as the HTC EVO 4G LTE, One S, One XL, Droid DNA, etc and have had to use the HTC Unlock method, this application makes flashing ROMs and kernels simpler!
Before loading a ROM, first flash the kernel portion of the ROM using this application, then reboot directly to recovery mode and flash the rest of the ROM.

No more having to use fastboot via USB and a host computer to load the kernel portion of a ROM on an HTC unlocked device.

Hope to continue adding support for additional phones!

Flash Image GUI 

Please do not use the comments in the market to leave feedback regarding issues, concerns or questions. Please email me using the contact information in the market, or contact me me via joeykrim.com, twitter, XDA, SDX or on IRC!!

Version: 1.5.2
Size: 594 KB
Required: Android 1.6 and up