Ghost in Cam (Pro) v1.0.0 APK

Posted by Geeky Sans
This is very funny application to scare your friends you can use ghost and scary pictures in live camera of you mobile. A true spirit photography app. There are many scary images available in app those you can use to shock your friends. You can make fool to friends that this is a ghost detector application. Pro version allows you to access all features of application without any limitation. Also pro version is Ad free.

There are listed some major features of application
1. Scary Images: (Manual Mode) there are lots of scary images available which you can select in live cam and take picture with them. These are Ghost images; some of them are locked and available in Pro. Manual mode allows you full customization of ghost and image on live camera.

2. Scary Sounds: There are different scary sound effects available for selection to scare people. Go to settings and select your favorite scary sound that will be played on image capture. Sound selection is available in pro only.

3. Scary Prank: (Auto Mode) there is a mode of application which can be used for scary prank, like any one take picture and after saving there he/she see a ghost picture. This mode is called auto mode and you can set different ghost and ghost location on live camera. Also ghost opacity and scary sounds selection is available in settings but this feature is available in Pro only.

4. Scary frames: (Frames Mode) There are scary frames also available which scary and funny as well. Some of the frames are locked in free app and available in pro only.

5. Ghost and frames auto update: Ghost and frames update after some time with new version of application.

6. Scary Camera: This is called scary mode in which you ask your friend to capture a picture, when he / she will click on capture button, a scary image with sound will be displayed. You can select different images form gallery, also you can select different sound for scary mode. Also you can set timer for auto display of scary image. Some of the features are locked in this mode and available in Pro.

7. Picture Gallery selection: (Custom Ghost) you can also select any images which can show in camera and added in picture when you take picture. This custom ghost can be selected in free app only 3 times, for full access you are required pro app.

8. Picture editor in cam: You can edit your picture/ghost while taking picture to adjust on right place.

9. Picture Resizer: you can resize you picture according to your need.

10. Zoom camera: you can zoom picture while taking picture, also move ghost images to any where you want to place in picture in live camera.

11. Both cameras: Both cameras support available, back and front.

12. Color Filter for picture: You can filter picture colors in live camera.

13. Ghost opacity: You can adjust transparency level of the image according to need.

14. Gallery Picture Editor: (Picture Mode) you can also edit an image from your gallery, same as you can do in live camera.

15. Custom ghost library. Create your own ghost library to make it unique.

16. Pro version: Its pro version also available for ad free and lot of other features which are locked in free app.

17. Social Sharing: You can share picture on social engines like Facebook Twitter etc.

Ghost in Cam Pro

Pro Features:
1. Manual Mode: Full access to all ghosts, frames, filters and user default ghost from gallery.
2. Auto Mode: Full access to all ghosts, ghost locations, scary sounds and opacity settings for auto mode in settings menu.
3. Frame Mode: Full access to all the features and frames in frame mode.
4. Picture Mode: Full access to all ghosts, frames, filters and user default ghost from gallery.
5. Scary Mode: Full access to all the available scary images, sounds and timer settings in settings menu.
6. Ads free application

Feedback facility is available to send feedback to development team regarding application.

Version: 1.0.0
Size: 16 MB
Required: Android 2.3 and up