Heat Synthesizer Pro (BETA) v0.8.3 APK

Posted by Geeky Sans
Virtual analogue subtractive synthesizer for Android with a unique feature set:

- Highly optimized realtime sound generation engine with a lot of features even on mobile devices, 3 Oscillators, 2 Filters, 4 Envelopes, FX section and much more
- Collaborative Preset Manager: Browse through thousands of sounds that other users have created, save your sounds on your local Android device or online, making them available for the community.

- Full VST integration, use your Android device as controller while Heat Synthesizer is running as VST compatible plugin (Windows x86/x64)
- Control the VST plugin from your Android device in realtime
- See parameter automations from your sequencer in realtime on your Android device
- Use the integrated keyboard of your Android Device to send midi events to your sequencer

Heat Synthesizer Pro

Version: 0.8.3 Beta
Size: 1.7 MB
Required: Android 2.3 and up