Jelly Bean 4.2 HD Apex Theme APK

Posted by Geeky Sans
HD Graphics! All the artwork has been done in the highest resolution, with the original Jelly Bean 4.2 icons from the latest Nexus4 smartphone and over 600 common app icons done all in large 128x128 HD resolution from scratch, instead of the normal 72x72 standard icons commonly used in the themes. The wallpapers are also in higher than original HD resolution, etc. This is specially important in the higher screen resolution phones or tablets. Makes your screen look very sharp and detailed.

Jelly Bean Android 4.2 HD Apex Theme

Special care has been taken to be the most faithful
reproduction of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean's launcher. From the custom Jelly Bean 4.2 Nexus4 icons and wallpapers to the details like exact matching color codes used, menu icons, the folder interface, the indicators, the appdrawer, etc.

Includes all 14 original Nexus4 Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpapers in HD resolution. Includes Nexus 4 original Clock Widget. This theme asks of no unsafe permissions to install. No adds. No risk of hidden malaware.

IMPORTANT! The NEXUS 4 CLOCK WIDGET is included in the theme, you can select it from the wigdet list in ADW.  You may have to resize the widget to center on the screen depending on your phone's resolution.

The SENSE clock widget seen in one of the screenshots however is not included in the theme, but you can download and install FREE. Three options:
(1) Use GOWeather EX's Sense widget

(A) download GOWeather EX free:

(B) download Sense4 widget skin free:

C) Inside GOWeather EX setting's -> Themes -> Widget -> "Widget HTC style Theme" -> click to apply.

(2) Sense clock free from xda:
especifically this version is ideal:

(3) Fancy Widget's clock:

In some devices some icons may not change automatically to the theme's own icons. To manually change those icons (shown in video bellow):

-> Tap and hold the icon while on the desk screen (will not work inside the AppDrawer) -> Select "Edit" -> click on the icon -> click on "select from icon packs"-> search for "JellyBean Apex Theme" -> select the desired icon.
Remember to browse the icon selection screen for other icons that may be included that you may want to change.

Version:  1.2
Size: 23.4 MB
Required: Android 4.0 and up