App Reactor FULL v1.3.1 APK

Posted by Geeky Sans
Android + Tasker + Grease Monkey + Radiation = App Reactor. App Reactor is to Android what Grease Monkey is to Firefox. It is a simple yet powerful scripting engine for Android which gives you instant access to many Android OS functions. With App Reactor you can makes your Apps talk together and work together as it supports Intents and Content Providers. You can automate many common tasks with custom scripts.

You can also write simple Apps without the need of the whole Android SDK. If you are non-technical you can use scripts which others have created. There will be a library of useful scripts published on the project's web site. A script can be downloaded to App Reactor by scanning a QR code.

- NOW integration with Facebook and Twitter
- scan (QR code) & run
- background service with runs your scripts
- auto-start after boot
- syntax highlighting

- debug mode
- a library of functions which allows you to use intents, content providers, media, files, simple UI elements such as dialogs, alerts or notifications, do HTTP requests, use location, toggle radio and more...

App Reactor FULL

Here is a simple example script which turns off your Wifi if you arrive home:
while(true) {
// put your home location here
iAmHome = near(50.03806166078905, 14.329100847244263, 1500);
if (iAmHome) {
log("At home");

Version: 1.3.1
Size: 327 KB
Required : Android 2.1 and up