AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO v8.3 Apk

Posted by Geeky Sans
AutoKiller Memory Optimizer boosts your device and defends your battery at the same time!. Forget task killers! AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is not a regular task manager, it is an award winner memory (minfree) tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager and a DashClock extension.

- Root Required to set minfree values, unrooted devices will only have an emulation of this feature
- if you have questions or you face errors please check home page or write a mail
- for more details see home page

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer speeds up your rooted device and makes your battery last longer!
This is the PRO key for AutoKiller Memory Optimizer.

This app itself won't open, this just unlocks the free AutoKiller Memory Optimizer app.
Donators and PRO users receive additional features:
- no ads
- Chuck Norris mode enabled
- apply kernel tweaks on boot
- alternate preset (while screen is off)
- all widgets
- quick restart
- memory reclaim
- low intervals selectable for minfree emulators

Please be careful, apps with very similar look and name are distributed, they can be malicious.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer PRO

Version: 8.3
Size: 1.3 MB
Required : Android 1.6 and up