BBM for Android Will Revoked From Play Store 1 December , What Words BlackBerry ?

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The last few days it was rumored that the instant messaging service BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) in Android platform will be discontinued from 1 December.
This issue stems from a broadcast message is propagated through BBM , Twitter and then widened into a warm conversation .

" For android users satisfied " in bbmman because the application date 1 December 2013 will be abolished and its fuel can not be used in android . because black berry have decided not to sell applikasinya in samsung indemnify and already at 2.8 T , " claims one of the outstanding tweet on Twitter .

Tweet with similar topics can be easily met in Twitter by entering a keyword search for " BBM December 1 " . But is it true BBM service in Android will be stopped ? According to BlackBerry , it is not.

" It was a hoax ( false report ) are intentionally propagated . Nobody at all of our announcement , " said PR Manager Yolanda Nainggolan BlackBerry Indonesia , when contacted by Kompas Tekno , Thursday ( 11/21/2013 ) this morning .

According to Yolanda , the company has been aware of the issue of the BBM service in Android which will be discontinued . He urged users not to believe fuel the news.

" There is a tweet that includes a link to the website in order to convince , but it is not related , many of them lately , " said Yolanda .

When traced by Kompas Tekno , link included in a tweet was indeed heading to the articles or forum threads that do not contain relevant information or official statement that BBM for Android is really going to be stopped .

One of the articles included in the hoax was news in KompasTekno titled " BlackBerry Cancel Sale , CEO Replaced " .

BBM for Android had just officially released on Oct. 22 , after being delayed several times due to technical problems . These soon became one of the most popular titles in the store Google Play Store . BBM for iOS released in almost at the same time also experienced the same thing in the store Apple App Store

Source: KompasTekno


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