Image Blender Instafusion v1.0.7 APK

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Fully featured pro app with all features inclusive and no inapp paid add ons.

Fusion is a smart image Blender app that helps you to blend 2 photos and create stunning image creations

A simple to use photo blend camera application that allows you to mix up photos and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and much more

What's in the app :
5 Innovative Blending/Blend collage styles
  •  See Through 
  •  Unistrip 
  •  Lightmex 
  •  Radial Blend 
  • Blend

How to use the app :
  •  First select 2 pictures/Image 
  •  Take an image or access camera gallery 
  •  Choose any of the amazing blending modes. 
  •  Adjust your effect the way you like 
  •  Save your image and see it via built-in gallery 
  •  Auto save your masterpiece to built-in gallery when tap "Save to Camera Roll 
  •  Share your photo collage creation in Instagram, Facebook, Mail and Twitter

What are these Image Blender Modes all about :
  •  See Through 
Look in between snaps to find a new snap-art
  • Unistrip 
Mix photo strips
  • Lightmex 
Play with various light mixtures
  • Radial Blend 
Circular fusion of photos
  • Blend 
Blend your pics with Default, Dodge, Hard, Linear & Difference fx

Don't be afraid to do something new :
  • Fuse 2 camera pictures together 
  •  Make a story out of an image 
  • Mix pics of your friends & family 
  • Blend faces 
  • Publish your image creations 
  • Show the world a new art with your camera 
  • Save into photo gallery 
  • Spread your photo creations in Twitter 
  • Beat other apps by trying out new blend creations

Updated : Feb 25, 2014
  • Optimized UI prompts with visual indicator for photo access
  • Crashing reported in devices running os version 2.3.3, 4.2 and 4.3 fixed
Required:  Android  2.2+
Size :1.4MB


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