CoffeeCup HTML Editor v12.5 Full Version

Posted by Geeky Sans
 Do you a web designer or web developer that need code editor to make great website?. Totally stellar, kick-butt websites that leave people saying, “Wow, you really made that?” Consider the HTML Editor your new best friend. HTML veterans, you will create standards-compliant sites using powerful tools like code completion and built-in validation. Rookies, get ready to learn the ropes with resources like the comprehensive tag reference and vibrant website themes.

What is new in CoffeeCup HTML Editor version 12.5?

New features that give you web coding superpowers:

-Pop-out preview window (use it next to your code or in a second monitor)
-Real-time preview updates (to see exactly what you're codingùas you code it!)
-S-Drive syncing (hands-down, the simplest way to publish)
-Quick Live Preview (your site on the webùfor exclusive eyes only)

Rearranged some existing ones for a more efficient workflow:

-Open file tabs are now above the main coding window
-Two toolbars consolidated into one spiffy megabar


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